About Michele

About Michele

I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I was an unhappy insurance agent for almost 10 years. During the last 2 years of working as an insurance agent, I was making the transition to full time dog trainer. I had taken my dogs through training classes in the past, and thought I would enjoy teaching dog classes. I am a Certified Behavior Consultant through International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. I am certified through Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) and Animal Behavior College. I signed up with Animal Behavior College and was paired with an awesome mentor trainer. I have kept up my Continuing Education through hosting and attending seminars and conferences. I also have thousands of hours of hands-on dog training through Group & Private Lessons. I provide Boarding and Board & Train options @ my facility. On the average, I have the pleasure of being around 6 to 10 dogs (plus my three dogs) a day, which enables me to learn a lot about Dog Language. 

I am a trainer that teaches you to communicate more effectively through understanding your dog’s language and controlling your dog’s Resources.  I do not use physical Punishment in my training classes… well, at least not on the dogs…

We want our dogs to know that our hands are safe and are not for hurting.  In most cases training is hands off, but you will also learn Handling Exercises.  I have used physical corrections in the past because that is how I was taught.  Because of that training, I ended up with a mad little aggressive dog.  I owned a JRT that was aggressive to people and dogs.  Because of him and through seminars that I have hosted and attended, I have learned how to manage an aggressive dog.  Therefore, I now share the information I have learned about aggression with other people to help modify or manage their Aggressive Dog or Dogs.

 I offer Private and Group lessons for dog owners. Classes include Basic, Advanced, Basic Tracking, and CGC.  I also offer Boarding, Board & Train, Behavior Modification Programs, & Pack Evaluations.  Specializing in Aggressive and Fear Behaviors.  

No dog or problem is too big or too small!!  All breeds and ages welcome!

Please contact me with any questions.
Have a Great Day and Smile! 

Professional Memberships / Volunteer Experience

  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants 
  • Association Pet Dog Trainers

  •  Red Cross Health & Safety Instructor
    & Red Cross Pet First Aid Instructor 
  • Delta Society Pet Partners 
    •  I have 2 therapy dogs registered with Delta 
  • Intermountain Therapy Animals 
  • Monthly segment on KXII TV